Hey dudes!  So this weekend my roommate, Lizzy, came to Williamsburg! Needless to say, I was beyond excited.  I even made an itenerary for the occasion, so each moment was filled with Williamsburg goodness.  I don’t often take part in the “touristy” activities that Williamsburg offers, but with Liz here, it was the perfect excuse to do just that! 

Highlights of the Weekend:

-Riding Vanish Point, an absoutely terrifying new ride at Water Country USA (check out this vid for a sneak peak!)

-Going to see Harry Potter and, of course, falling asleep (I cannot stay awake during movies, my fatal flaw)

-Galavanting around Colonial Williamsburg and taking tacky tourist pics

-Sampling (and promptly getting reprimanded by the store clerk) way too many delicious peanut products at The Peanut Shoppe

-Going to the lodge (the Great Wolf Lodge, that is) and cheesin’ with Willy the Wolf, the hotel’s mascot

-Indulging in carrot cake cupcakes and cake from Carrot Tree (we had to do a taste test to see which was better! The winner? The classic carrot cake)

-Caffeine-ing and beeing seen at Aroma’s, my favorite Williamsburg café 

Jul 18 -
Tourist Time!

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